Road Connectivity :

Total 2.5 km long and 25 Feet wide private road is made from Abloli – Tavsal State Highway No. 105 upto this terminal site. Internal road are also provided at site from point to point as required.

Water :

We have ample water from our own sources to take care of all our commercial needs and consumption.

Power :

At present 25HP Electrical 3 phase power is available at existing terminal from MSEDCL. One Diesel Generator of 82 KVA and another Generator of 15 KVA is also kept ready for standby use. One special transformer of 63 KVA will be provided by MSEDCL for power supply at site. Additionally two more Diesel Generators 100 KVA each will be provided at site for standby use.

Existing Infrastructure & Work Activities :

There is one multipurpose terminal at adjoining location. This terminal has RCC construction of piled jetty of size 7.0 mtr × 2.4 mtr. with 6 nos. piles each of 600 mm dia. and 22 mtr. long overhead ramp for cargo loading operations. There are 6 nos. stockyards for storage of total 120000 ton Bauxite or laterite bulk material. Yard is well equipped with Work quarters, canteen, Hygienic Toilets, Stock Yards, Work Shop.