Floating Dry-Dock :

Every vessel requires docking survey and underwater area inspection twice in the span of 5 years as per requirement. Therefore, now it is need of the time to provide Dry Dock facility for vessels operating on West Coast.

Size of Floating Dry Dock & Work Schedule :

Size of this proposed Floating Dry Dock structure will be as below.




80 m.




24 m




20 m




4 m.




1800 DWT

This size of Floating Dry Dock will prove suitable for all offshore supply vessels, tug, barge, mini bulk carriers and also for Coast Guard vessels operating on West coast in large number. Assuming vessel will need 10 to 15 days time for her docking survey in dry dock; this facility will provide service for 2 or 3 ships per month and thus approx. 24 to 30 Ships per year. Whereas, the total number of ships operating on West coast is very large as mentioned above

Ship Repair :

Maintenance of Large and Small Vessels :

  • Engine overhauling for main Engine and Generator
  • Complete vessel’s Sand Blasting & Painting
  • Shaft & Propeller replacing , alignment, engine alignment
  • Underwater area Sand Ballasting & Anti-fouling

A float ship repair work is also carried out at the terminal by keeping
the ship safe afloat at the cargo jetty or on beaching the ship on
soft mud at this terminal.

Shipbuilding :

The following types of vessels could be constructed at our yard :

  • Tugs
  • Fishing Boats
  • Passenger Ferry / Launch
  • Pilot Boat
  • Multi Cats
  • Survey Launch
  • Small Dredgers
  • Coastal Barges
  • House Boats
  • Utility Boats
  • Power Boats